• The Vacation Rental Inspector


    How do you and your cleaners ensure that you are providing a clean environment for your guests?  

    Personally, I am fastidious about providing a clean and comfortable environment to each and every one of my guests. I require that my cleaning crew sign a check list confirming that they have cleaned to my specification after each guest departure, I replace my bed linens and towels on an annual basis and I clean the carpets twice a year or more if needed.  Now I can be more proactive than ever because I have discovered the Hotel Inspector a compact fluorescent flashlight that allows you to inspect the cleanliness of your vacation rental. 

    I spoke with Gilda Batista, the inventor of The Hotel Inspector, and she graciously shared her story of this portable fluorescent flashlight small enough to fit in your purse or pocket.  Gilda came up with the idea to invent this portable flashlight because she was always curious about the cleanliness of hotel guest rooms.  Gilda, a regular business traveler, wanted a tool that would allow her to inspect the cleanliness of the hotel room in which she was staying.  

    Here is how it works. The black light produces ultraviolet light, which allows you to see biological matter not visible to the human eye.  The ultraviolet light caves react with phosphorus in certain organic substances, illuminating fluorescent molecules.  This little light will help detect biological matter (urine, saliva, seaman, feces, vomit, bed bugs, petroleum jelly and blood residue) not visible to the human eye so that you can take the appropriate measures to ensure a clean and confirmable environment for your guests.

    I am so happy to have found a tool that will help my cleaning staff to be more attentive to stains that we may otherwise have passed up. I will be providing the Hotel Inspector to my cleaning crew so that they can confirm that no stain is left behind.  Make sure you pickup one of these neat little gadgets before one of your guests beats you to it! 

    We would love to hear your thoughts on how you would use this tool at your vacation rental.