• How Do You Accommodate Guests At Your Vacation Rental? Late Checkout Anyone?

    As vacation rental owners and managers there are so many ways in which we can accommodate our guests at little to no cost, which is just one more competitive advantage for vacation rental owners.  If available I have always offer an early check in or late check out and started thinking more about this after reading an article in Forbes, Guest - Friendly 24-Hour Hotel Stays Hits Las Vegas.  I am not suggesting implementing a 24-hour stay policy but….

    I am a huge fan of accommodating guests when I can and am always offering up an early check in or check out time as long as there is not a quick turn around.  I love being able to offer this without the guest asking because it creates goodwill, it cost me nothing and I have found that I am always the first person they call when they are headed back my way.

    How are you accommodating your guests?