• 4 Things You Need To Know About Vacation Rental Linens!

    The most important accessories that should never be overlooked at a vacation rental are the linens, both bed and bath. Linens are the most intimately used items that a guest comes in contact with at a vacation rental on a daily basis.  Guest spend eight plus hours sleeping in the bed and are showering daily and using the hand towels to dry their hands, etc.  The goal? To give your guests a consistently comfortable experience always! We love crispy white sheets and soft white towels (shameless plug: from The Distinguished Guest) but make sure you do your homework before purchasing sheeting for your vacation rental (check out or blog post "Do you Thread Count?") Here are a few tips on the proper care and maintenance of Vacation Rental Linens.


    • We recommend two sheet sets for each bed in the home and two sets of bath towels and pool/beach towels for each guest based on total occupancy (for example if your vacation rental sleeps six guests then you would want to provide twelve sets of bath towels and twelve beach towels).  Having two sheet sets per bed and two sets of bath/beach towels per occupancy allows for efficiencies for the cleaners who can take ones set off site to clean limiting the time to turn your property.  A second set of sheets and towels will serve as a backup if you need to replace one set if one should go missing, tear, stain.  You get the point, it's an insurance policy. 
    • The cleaning crew should be inspecting the sheets and towels at every turn for stains, tears and wear of any kind and addressing the issues accordingly. We always recommend treating stains by soaking the linens in a combination of bleach and water or spot treat with Oxi Clean Gel for at least two hours.
    • Laundry should include a good detergent of your choice, 1/4 cup, and 1/4 cup of baking soda to block stains and help soften.
    • Replacement is also a key issue that is often overlooked, we suggests that all sheets and towels should be replaced every 2 years depending on occupancy or earlier if damaged in any way.  Replacing sheets annually ensures fresh crispy white sheets and soft towels always.

    Now take the time to review your inventory and limit the amount of clutter in your linen closet, toss all of your old linens and upgrade and organize.  You will love it and so will your guests!

    Contact us if you are interested in purchasing sheets and linens in bulk.  We provide bulk pricing for orders over one dozen in quantity. Bulk orders not subject to discount codes, contact info@thedistinguishedguest.com for pricing.