• Q&A with Beth Carson, Editor at Vacation Rental Travels

    Do you subscribe?  I do! I feel honored to have had the opportunity to interview Beth Carson, Editor at Vacation Rental Travels.  The magazine is a labor of love created by Beth Carson, Editor and Art Remnet, Production Manager. Vacation Rental Travels is a free, digital magazine highlighting the unique experience of traveling in stylish and comfortable vacation rentals. The magazine will allow you to escape and explore hidden garden cottages, sumptuous penthouses, and quirky homes that make travel all the more richer. 

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    Q1.  First off, I love Vacation Rental Travels Magazine, how did you come up with such an amazing idea?

    A1.  I’m a traveler. I’ve been to 43 countries and stayed in VR’s here in the US and in Africa, Europe, Canada, and the South Pacific. Once I discovered the world of vacation rentals, I was hooked. I’m a writer, a VR owner, and a traveler. I saw a space in the market for people who read home and travel magazines. Art Remnet, my business partner, and I had been talking about it for a year, and we finally said, “Let’s do this.” So, we did, and I’m so proud of it.

    Q2.  I know that it is not all travel, food and sightseeing (Boring! Yawn!) so tell me what it's like behind the scenes at Vacation Rental Travels.

    A2.  Most of the time, it’s pretty boring, honestly. I work in my home office in Asheville, NC, and manage the writers, write and edit. Art works in his home office in California and handles all of the layout, web design and techie stuff. When I’m traveling- that’s when it gets fun. My husband and I just did a 3 week tour of Mexico and Belize- an amazing trip. All for the magazine, of course.

    Now is another fun time- when all of the writer’s turn in their articles. Some need almost no editing, and I send them off to Art. Others need a bit here and there, and others take my full time and attention. Getting to see everything in Word, with a separate file for photos, and see what Art does with it and turns it into a beautiful magazine- it’s amazing. He a techie artist. But an artist none the less.

    Q3.  Tell me about Beth Carson, Editor at Vacation Rental Travels, past, present and future.

    A3.  My grandmother took me to England when I was 9. We sailed back on the Queen Elizabeth II, I can remember the trip so vividly, especially our first night, wandering out for a bite to eat, and getting completely lost. We had to ask a bobby for directions. What fun! The QE2 was a highlight. I had the ship layout memorized, dreaming in my bedroom every night before we left, and was able to drop Nana off at her bridge game, go play with new friends, and be back in time to pick her up and take her to the next thing. In the planning of that trip, I was bitten by the travel bug. It’s relentless and incurable, thank goodness. The only treatment is traveling far and wide.

    Since accidentally building a vacation rental in Fiji (more on that another time) I’ve come to learn the business well. What works and what doesn’t. There’s a vast difference in policies. PhoCusWright very correctly said our industry was “fragmented” in a recent study. My passion is for the VR industry to be the very best it can be. I wrote a book, Money Making Vacation Rentals, in hopes of helping people think of it more as a business and less of a hobby. I have written a program for International Living on the special subject of managing a VR in a foreign country. I also speak at conferences. I hope the magazine lends inspiration to owners and travelers. 

    Q4.  Cliffhanger, what do we have to look forward to in the next issue of Vacation Rental Travels?

    A4.  Fiji, plus a big giveaway in our contest, Asheville, Santa Fe, Ambergris Caye, Belize, and Merida, Mexico. And lots more! You can get a free subscription at www.VacationRentalTravels.com.

    Q5.  How would a VR owner get in touch with you if they wanted their home featured in the Magazine?

    A5.  Send me a note at Beth@VacationRentalTravels.com , with a link to the listing or website.

    Q6.  Have you ever had any of those "this place is amazing" moments on your travels as Editor of Vacation Rental Travels? If so describe where you were and the moment of realization.  

    A6.  I’m actually having one right now, in of all places Lexington, Kentucky- you can read about it in the September issue. I have a thing about hotel lobbies, and this VR I’m staying in now has nailed that same feeling I get with a really great hotel lobby- a first for me.

    The other one is in our March edition- Casa GGG in colonial San Miguel de Allende. That place has spoiled us for any other. And, where I learned that the best way to lounge around a mini-castle is in a bathrobe. 

    Beth, enjoying a morning coffee wrapped in a bathrobe in the courtyard of Casa GGG- Bliss.


    PS: A big Thank You to Beth Carson!

    PPS: We love that each bedroom at Casa GGG provides 2 guest robes!  5-Star Treatment!


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