• What Makes a Mermaid Unique? A Vacation Rental Story of Giving Back To The Community!

    No blue blazers or ties required says it all - Tybee means artsy, eclectic and unpretentious and your host Diane Willard Kaufman aka "Head Mermaid" will help you capture the spirit perfectly!  Find out how I discovered the Mermaid Cottages and five things that that make the Mermaid Cottages unique!

    I am always in search of great examples of vacation rental managers who are making a difference. I discovered the Mermaid Cottages on Facebook and have been following them for the past year. I love their regular posts and immediately fell in love with the big bold colors, eclectic design and southern charm that is consistent throughout each of their 36 cottages.  I finally got the courage to reach out to Head Mermaid Diane to see if I could feature one of their cottages on my blog. After learning more about Mermaid Cottages I found that there was so much more to Mermaids, so I wanted to share some of the great things that they are doing.  I will disclose the five things that I think are unique about the Mermaid Cottages but before I do that, come with me on a virtual tour of "Cottage on the Green".

    As promised here are the five things that make the Mermaid Cottages unique!

    The Cottages have Names not Numbers - The cottages are not identical cookie cutter blocks but real homes that belong to real people with all the care and attention that that implies. When choosing a name the Mermaids research the history of each cottage to find out if there is historical significance that should be observed and other times the owners have realized a life long dream to own a beach cottage and they have been holding on to a name they love.

    Cottage Decor and Restoration - A few of the Mermaid Cottages, including Cottage on the Green, have been beautifully restored by Tybee's own design guru and historical preservationist, Jane Coslick.  Jane's style incorporates a palette of playful, contemporary colors and clean whites with an eye for the past with weathered woods, found objects and salvaged historical materials.  

    Support Local Charities - The Mermaids support over a dozen local charities including everything from The Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Tybee Sea Turtles, Surfers for Autism and everything in between and they do a great job of sharing and supporting the local community on their amazing Mermaid Cottage Blog.  

    Mermaids who Create Retreat - Mermaid Cottages are known as a patron of the arts.  Several years ago the Mermaids were approached by a Savannah Book Producer who asked them to help collect original stories and new written works about Tybee Island and that was the origination of the Mermaids who Create Retreat.  The Mermaids started out with writers and authors and have since expanded it to include artist, musicians, performance artists and photographers. In return for a complementary stay the Mermaids in return are treated to guest blogs by known authors, short stories, photographs, paintings, screen plays and theatrical scripts.

    Beach Retreats for Heroes - Each year, Mermaid Cottages invites heroes currently serving in the United States Armed Forces and their families to come and enjoy a Mermaid Cottages Beach Retreat for a weekend.  The goal?  To share the cottage charm and coastal calm with those who serve as a way to say thank you to the heroes.  The Mermaid's only request is that the heroes share photos of their family having fun so that they can be shared with the cottage owners as a thank you.

    What makes your vacation rental unique?

    A big thank you to the Mermaid Cottages, I am so glad that I discovered you on Facebook, your unique approach and attention to detail inspire me daily and I love what you are doing to support your community!

    PS - A special thank you to Head Mermaid Diane and Merman David!
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