• The Best Made Bed At Your Vacation Rental: Your Guest Should Not Settle For Less!

    As the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression so I wanted to share these pictures that were sent to me from my client Veronica Tercan.  This client knows how particular I am when it comes to bedding and she shares my passion for the best made bed.

    I just love a well made bed and I think if I saw this before picture in a listing I would probably just pass it over without a second thought.  Nothing really pops in the picture and it looks a bit messy and unkept with no real attention to detail. 



    This after picture, on the other hand, allows the bed to be the centerpiece of the room and my eye immediately focuses on the best made bed!  I love how the pillows have been propped up on the wall and how the throw blanket helps to break up the white sheeting and duvet.  If I saw this listing I would think that this owner has a creative flair, is detailed oriented, clean and focused on my comfort.