• Vacation Rental Marketing Makeover With Matt Landau: Market Thoughtfully and Efficiently To Maximize Profit

    Winner, winner, I'm a winner! Okay, enough of that, it's really not about winning its an opportunity and I am really looking forward to learning how to market my vacation rental thoughtfully and efficiently with the goal of maximizing profits.  I'm the mother of two small children, I manage two vacation rental properties, and my business, The Distinguished Guest, so any spare moment I have is pure luxury!

    For those of you that don't follow Matt Landau here is a quick introduction of who he is and why you should be following him: In short, Matt is a vacation rental owner in Panama who has leaned the vacation rental business the hard way. Now Matt teaches owners and managers how to generate more bookings with the benefit of his experience.  Matt has a blog: Vacation Rental Marketing Blog that you won't want to miss so sign up for his emails now.  You also wont want to miss out on Matt's new Inner Circle Forum.

    View the video below of Matt revealing the winners of his 2015 marketing makeover:


    Congratulations to Holly & Jeff who are the winner of Matt's 2015 marketing makeover.  Holly & Jeff have a fabulous vacation rental in Yosemite, California.  I was one of the special twists and also won a makeover of my vacation rental in Kauai. You can see our respective listings below:

    Holly & Jeff's Vacation Rental -  Yosemite, California

    Alanna's Vacation Rental - Princeville, Hawaii

    View the video below of Matt revealing the 2015 marketing makeover plan.  You may want to get your website up and running so that you can follow along!  Its going to be documented like a cooking show so get the basic ingredients ready now.


    I have been teamed up with MyVR, and I am building a website for my property in Kauai and Holly and Jeff have been teamed up with WebChalet.  These two companies have been carefully selected by Matt and are leading web designers in the industry. Once our websites are complete the makeover marketing magic begins.

    It's not too late to follow along. Matt will be featuring our new websites in the coming weeks. I can't give away all of what's happening at this point but I will continue to give updates so you can follow along but if you really want the play by play then the Matt's Inner Circle is the place where we will be peeling back the layers of the onion (no tissue necessary).