• The Vacation Rental Fall Shuffle

    Well, I don't know about you all, but we've had a couple seconds of rest after the busy season... and now we're right back at it, preparing for the next rush.

    Not that I'm complaining! The fall shoulder season is actually one of my favorite times of year. I start to blaze through my ambitious to-do list in a way I just can't manage in the busy days of summer. 

    Do you have a to-do list for your slow season?

    If not, never fear. I've got more to-do lists than I know what do with. I'll share mine! 

    Below, you'll find a to-do list that focuses on the areas of your rental that will likely need the closest attention after the wear and tear of summer. Steal, adapt, share, whatever.

    And be sure to pop into the comments to add any other areas you think deserve some extra-attention during the slow season!

    The Vacation Rental Fall Shuffle - Your Top 7 To-Dos

    1. Stock back-ups. First, be sure to stock all the 5 back-up items I recommend in this list from my last blog post.  It will make your life so much easier to have these things on hand when it gets busy again. Trust me! 

    2. Clean the carpets. Think about how many feet have left their mark on your carpets over the last few months! (And if you live by a beach...don't even get me started on the sand situation). If you have carpets, now is the time to get them professionally cleaned. 

    3. Clean the windows. Keep the views to the outdoors clean and sparkling. In some climates, you may be removing the summer screens this time of year, anyway. It's the perfect excuse to bust out the Windex and get to work! 

    4. Do a general deep clean. Here is where you address the nooks and crannies. The silverware drawers. The cabinets. The caddy that holds guests' shower products. The corners of the ceilings. The tops of ceiling fans. Give these often-overlooked areas some love! I recommend tackling the Deep Clean one room at a time, starting from the top (the ceiling) and working your way to the bottom (the floor). Or instruct your cleaning crew/management company to do the same. 

    5. Spot clean the walls.  This is one of my biggest annoyances when it comes to my vacation rental. Take a quick second and wipe down the walls to eliminate small, scuffed areas. If a soft cloth and a little warm water don't disappear those small imperfections, try a Magic Eraser. It is guaranteed to change your life (and your thinking)!

    6. Clean your outdoor areas. Check for cobwebs in your deck's corners, wipe your outdoor furniture, then give the whole area a good power wash (if applicable). 

    7. Do a bedding switch-a-roo. You won't be surprised to learn that this is my personal favorite to-do! Now is the time to switch over your breezy summer linens to your cozy fall ones. Add an extra blanket and a few more throw pillows. Pull out the down comforter.

    Even if your climate doesn't change with the seasons, it's still a great time to refresh your bed with all-new linens. Check out what TDG has in stock this season! 

    Inspect your inventory. Give all your items a good once-over. Anything that's looking shabby should be given the axe and replaced. Also check to make sure you have complete sets of everything. That includes linens, pots, pans, dishes, cooking utensils, the cushions on your outdoor furniture, as well as maintenance items like batteries, lightbulbs, etc. 

    And that should do it--at least to start.

    Call me crazy, but I love the feeling of having a rental that is as spotless and well-maintained as it can possibly be. At least until the next rush comes along...

    Don't forget to grab a pumpkin spice latte and chime in with more suggestions for our fall to-do lists in the comments!