• Clean the World - Recycle Your Vacation Rental Soaps!

    Be honest: you still have an unopened travel-sized bottle of shampoo from that Hilton you stayed in last year, right? 

    Or, maybe you shampooed with it once, and then left the mostly full bottle behind on the edge of the Hilton tub. 

    One company, Clean the World, saw an opportunity in these unused or little-used bottles and soaps, and the first amenity recycling initiative was born. Clean the World sends hygienically recycled soaps and plastic bottles to disadvantaged areas, improving health outcomes and, at the same time, saving (literally) tons of waste from landfills. 

    Hospitality partners at Clean the World include huge national brands like Hilton, Marriott, and Hyatt, among many others

    How does this relate to vacation rentals? 

    Until now, Clean the World didn't have any programs in place to help smaller-scale vacation rental businesses (including vacation homeowners with just one or two properties) participate in this wonderful initiative. 

    And yet, I know from experience that amenities bottles and barely used soaps are left behind in our vacation rental homes.  

    Great news: I got in touch with Clean the World, and you can sign up as a partner with Clean the World's B&B program.

    How You Can Participate

    Participating is really easy. All you have to do is send in the registration form to Clean the World. An annual donation of $60 per year ($5.00 per month) will allow you to send as many amenities for recycling each year as you'd like. Clean the World even has a web page that links to your website and also tallies how many soaps you have recycled over the course of your membership.

      Who Can Participate

      Vacation rental owners and managers that provide amenities are encouraged to participate.

      What You Get in Return 

      The good karma of knowing that you are helping to save our environment, helping children and families in need of something as simple as a soap that some of us take for granted every day, a certificate of participation, a link to your vacation rental on the Clean the World website, and tons of collateral material that you can use on your website so your guests know you are participating in such a worthy cause.

      Want to learn more about Clean the World? Take a look at this video about the program:


      Please feel free to contact Clean the World to find out more! And, of course, tell them The Distinguished Guest sent you!