• Ahhh.....menities At Your Vacation Rental?

    We love the idea of spoiling a guest with hotel amenities and although vacation rentals do not get daily housekeeping service, when these items can be replenished, that's OK!  The goal is not to provide amenities for your guest for their entire stay but to get them through the night if they arrive late and forget a toothbrush, to provide shower gel if that was left at home or a bar of soap just because it is a nice to have.

    The amenities can be used many different ways, so get creative.  Think about your vacation rental and the guest list and from there you can consider what you want to provide for each stay.  For example if you have a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home and you have a family of four staying you may consider leaving a bath amenity kit and/or general amenity kit in the master bedroom and a cleansing bar in the guest bathroom and shower. If you have a family with small children you may consider leaving a rubber ducky in the tub.

    Budget is important, and we understand that, which is why we challenge you to get creative when leaving amenities for your guest. Consider providing an amenity package for families, couples, guests staying a week or longer, guests staying a weekend and large groups.  If you have used our products or provide hotel amenities at your vacation rental share your creative thoughts.


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