• Smart Collaboration with Smarthosts Vacation Rental Forum

    When I was working in commercial real estate, I always looked forward to the newsletters that came out from the brokerage houses. I knew I'd find the latest, most important news in our industry—all in one place. 

    Without them, I would have had to scour the internet for the scoop. And no one has time for that! 

    Conventional wisdom says that people hate newsletters, that they're just the email equivalent of junk mail. But when the info is relevant to you and delivered from a trusted source? For me at least, not a single newsletter email ever hits the Trash. 

    Luckily for me, the vacation rental industry now has the same super-informative clearinghouse of info, delivered right to my inbox:


    After I subscribed, I started to get all of my weekly vacation rental news in one spot. LOVE THAT!

    Even better, Smarthosts has now gone from newsletters to a FREE industry forum where industry experts come to contribute to the ever-growing wealth of information out there for hosts and managers. 

    If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should! 

    Industry vendors (like Lodgify, Rentals United and Rented) are frequent contributors. Keep an eye out for links to their original content, covering VR trends, case studies, industry news and other insider info. Luckily, many of these vendors abide by the “help, don’t sell” mantra, so you don’t have to wade through sales pitches to get to the good stuff.

    Smarthosts is a place for owners and managers to discuss all topics including generating direct bookings on your website, nurturing repeat guests, the newest industry products and tools, and hacks for your day-to-day rental operations. 

    And, of course, lots of chatter about the big listing sites, how they continue to shape our industry, and how we can stay competitive in the face of their massive influence.

    As many smart folks have said, it’s this collaboration of vacation rental folks from across the globe that will help keep the ball in our court.

    Definitely check out Smarthosts (and sign up for their newsletter, too!). And let me know what other great resources you’ve got bookmarked.

    About Rentivo

    The Smarthost platform was created by Rentivo, a industry website builder. In addition to website creation (with online booking) and channel management, Rentivo has its own vacation rental marketplace where you—and potential guests—can browse 4000+ rental listings across the US and Europe. Even better? The Rentivo marketplace has a good, old-fashioned “enquire” button so that owners and managers can communicate with guests before a booking (no traveler fees!).