Standard Textile Blankets

The Distinguished Guest offers a complete line of specialty blankets, covers, and duvets specifically for vacation rental businesses. Each of our bedding products is offered in white and other soft, neutral tones—a color palette that both conveys cleanliness and professionalism and blends well with any existing décor and design schemes.

Our high-quality linens, blankets and bedding products—designed specifically for vacation rentals—are the best around (and trust us, we looked long and hard for the best!).


Don’t think of blankets as an optional extra. Not all guests will agree on their ideal temperature, and a versatile, cozy blanket saves them from thermostat quarrels! Blankets are also a great alternative to full duvets for rentals in warm destinations, or as an addition to a duvet for cooler climates.

No matter how you or your guests use them, our Standard Textile blankets are just the right weight and made from premium, breathable cotton for a comfy night’s sleep.


Duvets add elegance to any vacation rental—no matter your size or nightly rate. Upscale properties can leave the duvets uncovered to showcase the clean, white duvet, while high-volume or eclectic rentals can easily cover duvets to match decor or better preserve the comforter.

Need a small order or just a few blankets or duvets? No problem. The Distinguished Guest offers purchases with no minimum orders and an affordable price.

Have questions about our products? Want a personal consultation with our founder Alanna to discuss which option is best for your rental(s)? Please feel free to contact us directly.

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