Bed Making 101

First impressions are key in the vacation rental world.

As soon as your guests walk through the door, they'll likely do an instant mental calculation (especially the guest who did the booking) to answer the question: "Did I make the right choice?"

Does this place feel clean, polished, fun? Will my family/friends/spouse be relaxed and happy here? 

Often, it's the details that will garner and enthusiastic "YES!" 

So this week, I'm taking you back to school: Vacation Rental Bed Making 101. 

At home, your busy guests might do a five-second touch-up to their beds in the morning while half asleep (or just perform the old "throw a comforter over everything and deal with it later" trick). Give them a luxurious, expertly made bed to sink into at the end of the day to remind them they're on vacation.

My friends at VRMA asked me to write a guest post about the art of a well-made bed. Head on over to check out that post, with my 7 Steps for the Perfect Vacation Rental Bed, then watch my step-by-step video below to find out how to create a bed that your guests will never want to leave! 

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