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Back in 2014, I started The Distinguished Guest with a crazy idea: To standardize hospitality best practices for the alternative accommodation industry, starting with my own rental in Princeville, Hawaii.

After immersing myself in the industry, I quickly realized it can feel like "every rental is an island"—even for those on the mainland! We're all out here doing our own thing and hoping for the best.

So, I created The Hospitality Survey in late 2018—the first of its kind—to help bust barriers and shed light on topics like sheet selection, gift baskets (do or don't?), carpet cleanings (how often?) and lots, lots more. 

After 700 responses, I'm thrilled to share the data with you all, and I think you'll be as surprised as I was by some of the results found in here!

Thank you to everyone who shared the survey in support of the greater good of the industry, and special thanks to my niece ✨  Lauren Christine Henno ✨ for allowing us to feature one of her designs in our guide.

Hope you enjoy this FREE download!