The #bookdirect Movement

The #bookdirect movement started in 2018.

This initiative from VRMIntel aims to show vacation rental travelers that hefty booking fees are avoidable—if they book directly on an owner or property manager's website. The first Wednesday in February is the day to spread the news of #bookdirect to your past, present and future guests. 

Here are five ideas to get you in the #bookdirect spirit: 
  • Create a #bookdirect graphic (like the one above) on Canva
  • Post your Canva #bookdirect graphic on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram
  • Send out a newsletter to past guests educating them about #bookdirect
  • Craft a blog post educating travelers about #bookdirect
  • Update all past social media posts with the hashtag #bookdirect included somewhere 
Let's band together to show guests that they can support local, small business and travel for less if they #bookdirect!