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Beach House Logos

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There’s a way to stay on your guests’ mind throughout the year, show homeowners that you care, and create a tangible brand for your property management business all at once.

How? Promotional marketing, done right.

Promo items might call to mind pins and pens that get forgotten or thrown away. But Beach House Logos provides more than items; they specialize in ideas. With years of experience in hospitality and marketing, they’ll help you create a plan of action to incorporate high-quality items into your marketing plan—and steer you away from costly promo mistakes.

It’s not their goal to just sell you a bulk order of swag; it’s to help you achieve your goals using promotional marketing. Come to them with the goal of reeling in more direct bookings, and they may suggest a high-quality branded tote that guests will use long after their trip—ensuring they see your logo every week until it’s time to book again. Say you want to increase exposure for your business, and they’ll show you a line of coolers that will catch the eyes of fellow beach-goers. Or ask them for a way to show your property owners some love, and they’ll help you put together a thoughtful gift.


Beach House Logos in Action

Here are just a few ways you could make Beach House Logos items work for your business.

Brand your business like a professional.  Branded amenities are an easy way to put your business’s name at the forefront of guests’ daily routines. From robes to toiletries, instruction magnets to coolers, opportunities abound to add a touch of personality to your properties and increase brand recognition with custom items.

Stay on your guests’ minds. Take-homes like coasters, magnets, or coozies serve as a small reminder of the fun guests had at your place. Or stock up with souvenirs like branded mugs, playing cards, and shopping bags to stay on your guests’ minds every time they drink their morning coffee or head to the grocery store. You’ll be the first property manager they think of when it’s time to book their next vacation.

Grow your management business by targeting potential new properties. Once you’ve scoped out potential new acquisitions, Beach House Logos can help you get innovative with your outreach. Get attention with creative mailing campaigns, or leave behind branded gifts that make a great first impression.

Thank your property owners. Show your homeowners you care with customized gifts during the holidays or the anniversary of your business relationship. The little things go a long way in making your clients feel valued and appreciated—and reminding them that you’re providing that same level of care for guests.

Who is Beach House Logos?

With over 75 years of combined vacation rental and hospitality experience and up-to-the-minute knowledge about trends in the promotional marketing industry, there’s no one better suited to help property managers better promote their business than Beach House Logos. Come to them with your own idea and watch as they make it happen, or ask them for help and they’ll create a promotional plan for you from scratch.

Beach House Logos is headed by Steve Zimmerman, a vacation rentalist and former corporate VP who sits on the board of directors for the On-Site Property Management Association (OPMA) and serves on the Leadership Development Committee and Supplier Council for the Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA).

Who is Beach House Logos for?

For realtors or multi-property vacation rental managers who want to put a face to their name. For five-star hospitality enthusiasts looking to bring the resort feel to their rentals. For businesses who want to elevate themselves to a trusted brand.

Promotional marketing has its perks for professionals across the vacation rental industry—and no order is too big or too small.


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Alanna has been my go-to person as I've navigated the learning curves of running my vacation rental businesses.  She helped...

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Cathy Scott

Alanna has been my go-to person as I've navigated the learning curves of running my vacation rental businesses.  She helped me re-brand my properties, market them effectively, and connect with other valuable industry resources.
Alanna at The Distinguished Guest has been an invaluable resource while setting up my first vacation rental.  I recently bought...

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Robert Howell

Alanna at The Distinguished Guest has been an invaluable resource while setting up my first vacation rental.  I recently bought a house in Hilton Head Island and knew nothing about what it takes to be a successful vacation rental.  Alanna has always been willing to lend a helping hand and responds quickly to all of my many questions!  If you're looking to set up a new vacation rental or refresh an existing rental, I would highly recommend contacting Alanna to help out.  She provides a 5 star experience!
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