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Down Etc ®

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Down Etc® is the bedding, pillow, and towel provider that high-end hotels have trusted for over two decades.  We have been working with Down Etc® for over five years now and have never had a disappointed customer. Their chic and comfy products and savvy design sense have earned them partnerships with beloved accommodation and hotel brands as well as an abundance of rave reviews.

So what can they offer vacation rentalists? The answer’s easy: the same top-of-the-line, top-of-the-bed amenities that they provide to luxury hospitality giants, done at a smaller scale for the savviest and most discerning of homeowners and management companies.

Down Etc® in Action

Down Etc® offers a line of products that are both carefully curated and expertly made. Your guests will be treated to a true spa-like experience when they wrap themselves in a Mojave towel. They’ll yearn for the moment they rest their heads on dreamy down pillows. And they’ll wake completely refreshed between luxury sheets and comforters.

But it’s not just guests who will benefit from Down Etc®’s refined product line. Expert finishes—including Hong Kong seams—prevent products from unraveling in the wash. Baffle Box construction keeps comforters fluffy and evenly distributed use after use. Think of your Down Etc® products as investments—they’ll outlast more traditional bedding and bath products by a long shot.

Who is Down Etc?

A love of shapes began early for Down Etc®’s founder Rebecca Litwin when she was given a tangram, the Chinese puzzle composed of seven geometric shapes that are moved around to build larger shapes. Early in her career, she found geometrical variety could be combined with a passion for fabric in the design of pillows. Down Etc opened its showroom in San Francisco in 2001. In the two decades since, the company has gone from creating geometrical pillow forms to supplying bedding to luxury hospitality brands around the world.

The members of the team at Down Etc® are always learning from their partners in the hospitality industry and they are delighted when they have the opportunity to share what they have learned. In 2018, Down Etc® published, Roll Into a Perfectly Made Bed: All You Need to Know About the Art of Bedmaking . The book is dedicated to the workers around the world who make beds every day for a living, as well as to the homemakers who make beds every day for their families. It is organized into fourteen chapters, each discussing a different component of the bed. It can be read straight through or used as a reference guide.

Down Etc® is also proud of its collaboration with Globe-athon™ (, a movement uniting doctors, religious leaders, politicians, patients, and survivors on every continent dedicated to ending women’s below the belt cancers. Down Etc® turned its Opal Wash™ face cloth and makeup remover Globe-athon™ purple to raise funds to support Globe-athon’s mission.

Who is Down Etc® for?

Down Etc® is ideal for luxury vacation rentalists who want to partner with design and product experts to provide guests with the same bedding, pillows, and towels they’d expect at a four- or five-star hotel.

Alanna’s Favorite Picks from Down Etc®

Mojave Bath Towels

Gobi Desert Pool Towels

Taurus Mountain Collection of Towels and Robes

Hotel Pillows

Lily Pads® Waterproof Mattress Pads

Pillow Inserts

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