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Down Etc

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Want to give your guests a sleep experience that rivals a swanky boutique hotel? 

Try Down Etc! Whether you need sheets, pillows, or towels (or all of the above), Down Etc is the bed, bath, and amenity provider that boutique and high-end hotels have trusted for twenty years. Since 2014, The Distinguished Guest has worked with Down Etc to bring their hotel-quality product lines to the vacation rental space—and we’ve never had a single disappointed customer! 

Down Etc’s chic and comfy products and savvy design sense are a hit with guests. In fact, after a number of calls from well-rested guests looking for the bedding they loved during their hotel stays, Down Etc started their online retail space to bring their products to more people. Lucky for us, that includes vacation rentals! 

So what can Down Etc offer vacation rentalists? In short, the same top-of-the-line, top-of-the-bed amenities that they provide to luxury hospitality giants, done at a smaller scale for the most discerning of homeowners and management companies.  

Who is Down Etc For?

Down Etc can support an independent vacation rental owner with just one property, as well as large property management companies looking to implement a linen program of curated, high-quality products.

How can I get more Information on Down Etc?

Although the website features retail pricing, Down Etc, has extended their trade pricing to our vacation rental community. Thanks Down Etc!  All you have to do is click  here to request trade pricing and information.

Down Etc in Action

Down Etc offers a line of products that are carefully curated and expertly made. Guests will be in heaven when they wrap themselves in a Mojave towel, lay their heads on a dreamy down pillow, and wake completely refreshed between luxury sheets and comforters. 

But it’s not just guests who will benefit from Down Etc’s product line. Expert finishes—including Hong Kong seams—prevent products from unraveling in the wash. Baffle Box construction keeps comforters fluffy and evenly distributed use after use. Think of your Down Etc products as investments—they’ll outlast more traditional bedding and bath products by a long shot.


SHEETS: When it comes to sheets, you may wonder, “Why do hotels use white bed sheets?For the same reasons we recommend them for vacation rentalswhite sheets provide a crisp, clean feel (great for calm and well-being!) and they are easier to clean. Whether you prefer a poly/cotton blend or a 100% cotton sheet, Down Etc’s sheets are easily laundered and made to last. 

Down etc sheets

TOWELS: Down Etc can meet all of your towel needs for the bath and the pool.


PILLOWS: Pillow preference is individual to each sleeper, but the two bestselling pillows below should satisfy even your most discriminating guests. Both are made with details like double seams and German cotton piping so they can withstand laundering. 

  • The Rhapsody Wrap Down and Feather Pillow is one of the most frequently requested pillows by guests of the Hyatt Hotels. The Rhapsody Wrap meets the needs of most sleepers with a 30% down/70% feather fill wrap around a firmer 100% feather core. Perfect support for side sleepers or propping up in bed. 
  • The Aquaplush®Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Pillow is perfect for guests who do not favor down and feather pillows. It has all the same detailing, but it’s filled with 100% hypoallergenic combed polyester fiber.
  • Don’t forget the pillow protectors. Remember,before any pillow goes into a pillowcase and onto a bed, it should be covered with a zippered pillow protector. 

MATTRESS PROTECTION: Once you’ve invested in box springs and mattresses, you’ll want to maintain and protect them.


  • OnGuard! Waterproof Box Spring and Mattress Encasements.  These prevent dust mites and other contaminants from reaching your box springs and mattresses. When it comes to mattress pads, they are not all created equal. 
  • Lily Pads Waterproof Mattress Pads protect your mattresses from sweat, drool, spills, and other accidents with this noiseless, motionless, and breathable waterproof mattress pad. 



  • Down Comforters: Made with the same quality construction, these luxurious hotel favorites are made to last. 
  • Aquaplush Down Alternative Comforter: Same lasting-quality comforter filled with 100% hypoallergenic combed polyester fiber.
  • Arabian Sea Blanket: 100% cotton woven in a double-dash pattern that is perfect as a throw or extra blanket for the bed.
  • EyesDown Eye Mask Collection: Guests can shut out everything with these gorgeous eye masks, made with poly silk against the skin and soft terry on the outside with adorable, embroidered designs.
  • Heart Twist Spa Head Wrap: Cotton terry on the inside and plush polyester on the outside, these head wraps are just the right size and weight for drying hair and eliminates the unnecessary use of extra bath towels.
  • Slippers: A perfect way to reduce the amount of outside grime tracked into your property. Leave a basket of these single use slide slippers by the door. They are worth their weight in cleaning expenses avoided.

Special Offer for Friends of The Distinguished Guest

Down Etc has literally written the book on bed-making. With twelve chapters that address each of the elements of a well-made bed, plus a handy glossary, Roll Into a Perfectly Made Bed: All You Need to Know About the Art of Bedmaking details all the aspects of a well-made bed from the bottom up, with secrets from head housekeepers in some of the most fabulous hotels in the world. We are delighted to include one of these handy reference books with the first order from each of The Distinguished Guest’s referrals

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