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Venus Group

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Finding a reputable linen vendor for your small accommodations business can be a challenge… trust me, I know! I am continually searching for high-quality providers for our industry—specifically seeking out those who have a long-standing reputation in hospitality. 

My philosophy: sending managers and hosts to Amazon is not a good practice…it’s expensive, and who knows when the product will be discontinued or go out of stock (this happens all. the. time). 

Like hotels, our businesses require consistent, high-quality linens that promise a good return on investment. After all, your guests will easily spend ⅓ of their vacation in your beds! Now that we have helped over 3,000 owners, hosts, and managers, The Distinguished Guest has learned: 

  • That guests are looking for the comforts of home (including in bed).
  • That vacation rental owners are looking to meet that need without breaking the bank. 

I (Alanna) have brought that knowledge to my own vacation rental home in Princeville, Kauai, and to my work at TDG. 

This is where Venus Group comes in! 

Two years ago, I was on a desperate hunt for a new linen vendor to recommend to short-term rentals, after my go-to brand decided they no longer able to support my community. Ultimately I showed up on the doorstep of the Venus Group with my two kids in tow—age 6 and 9 at the time. We were on a road trip to Southern California to visit friends, and despite having no one to watch my kiddos, I needed to have that meeting! 

Venus quickly embraced me, and that includes my multi-tasking work/mom life. Soon we had five adults sitting around their conference room table and two small kiddos in the corner. They listened to my crazy idea of assisting our community of vacation rental owners and managers purchase quality linens, and—thank goodness— they were interested in working together!  

Two years and many happy managers and hosts later… I present to you: Venus Group!  

A little bit about Venus.

Trusted by some of the largest name brands in hospitality, The Venus Group has been in business for over 45 years (they’re basically older than me) and they manufacture and distribute linens for hospitality, institutional cleaners, cruise lines, healthcare, government, gaming, and now, officially, vacation rentals!

So the long and short of it is…Venus knows hospitality linens! And your guests’ needs.

Who is Venus Group For?

Venus works with vacation rental owners and managers with 10+ properties. 

How can I get more Information on Venus?

Download the 52 page Venus catalog [here].

The Benefits of Working with Venus

Remember how much time you saved when you switched to autoresponders in your messages to guests? And, if you’re like many of us, maybe you resisted that move at first, thinking that guests would notice? But then they didn’t at all? 

Finding the right linen vendor is kind of like that. You can save time and hassle without sacrificing the guest experience. Often the guests are none-the-wiser—and you’ve just made your operations—and your life—so much easier.

As a one-stop-shop, the Venus Group can help you create a complete linen program for your property management business.  Plus, with their hospitality-specific experience, they can work with you to optimize your linen supply chain.  

Here’s what you get when you partner with Venus Group:

  • Long-standing hospitality experience. Venus Group has been in business for almost five decades, and they deeply understand your specific business needs as well as your guest preferences.
  • Preferred trade pricing. This means Venus offers pricing not available to the public, and at a large discount to the big box retailers and Amazon.
  • Access to a range of in-stock textile products. This is so important when, for example, a pillowcase gets ripped or stained. You want to be able to seamlessly replace it, not scramble to seek out a potentially discontinued product, replace it with a mismatch, or worse, resort to buying all new linen! This is the advantage of working with a supplier like Venus, who has an established supply chain, operating as both a manufacturer and distributor.
  • Tested, durable-quality products. At Venus, linens are engineered both to deliver exceptional guest comfort and to withstand the wear-and-tear of the hospitality market.
  • Front door delivery. Your employees can make one simple call for orders and restocking items, rather than spending hours making trips to the big box retailers. Not to mention, the advantage of quick shipments on in-stock items given Venus’s coast to coast distribution centers.


And last but not least, Venus also supports working moms with crazy ambitions… which is most of us in the vacation rental industry. Thank you, Venus! 

Focused on the consumer experience and product innovation, Venus is a leader in the industry with “state-of-the-art machinery, award-winning designers, and 20 textile engineers” working to create state-of-the-art products loved by guests and businesses alike. Venus sells everything from bed linens, towels, filled goods, table linens and more

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Alanna has been my go-to person as I've navigated the learning curves of running my vacation rental businesses.  She helped...

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Cathy Scott

Alanna has been my go-to person as I've navigated the learning curves of running my vacation rental businesses.  She helped me re-brand my properties, market them effectively, and connect with other valuable industry resources.
Alanna at The Distinguished Guest has been an invaluable resource while setting up my first vacation rental.  I recently bought...

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Alanna at The Distinguished Guest has been an invaluable resource while setting up my first vacation rental.  I recently bought a house in Hilton Head Island and knew nothing about what it takes to be a successful vacation rental.  Alanna has always been willing to lend a helping hand and responds quickly to all of my many questions!  If you're looking to set up a new vacation rental or refresh an existing rental, I would highly recommend contacting Alanna to help out.  She provides a 5 star experience!
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