• Fully Stocked: How To Accommodate Your Vacation Rental Guests In The Kitchen

    The kitchen at our vacation rental is a hidden gem and it's typically hard to advertise because I can't list every single item or small appliance available, it's just not realistic, but more than half of our reviews reference our "well appointed kitchen".  My husband loves to cook and there are a few gadgets, pots and pans that he cannot live without so we have stocked our kitchens with all of his favorite items.

    If you are one of my followers you know that I like to keep it simple and I don't believe in spending money to spend money so I have created a Pinterest page called In The Kitchen which details the item and exactly where I purchase each item, some of which are pictured below.  


    I love good quality product for a fair price and I always suggest spending a little extra on cookware, knives and small appliances, Costco is great for this.  I love Ikea for stylish and well priced cups, wine glasses and dishes because these are the items that I am most often replacing due to normal wear and tear.  I also love Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond for quality that last and when I want to go high end it's William-Sonoma and Sur La Table.

    My list includes the most basic items that I believe should be stocked standard at every vacation rental.  I have, however, not included items that may be topical to a specific area.  For example if you live in the east coast you may consider providing a lobster cracker or if you have a cabin in the mountains you may consider providing a cast iron dutch oven, you get the point.

    A well stocked kitchen is a true hidden gem that keeps them coming back again and again. Is there something that you stock at your rental that you would recommend?  Let us know.


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