• The Art of Hypnotic Copy: A Vacation Rental Ebook You Don't Want To Miss

    I remember it as if it were yesterday,  I was handed my final exam at university and I was given an A- on my paper.  Yes, I am a overachiever.  I could have easily achieved that A+ had I made the professor feel like she was sitting next to me at my interview, which was the basis for my final paper. I interviewed Dineh Mohajer, founder of Hard Candy Nail Polish, you know, the light blue polish of the 90's that had the plastic ring around the polish handle. 

    I should have given detail of what it was like to sit across the desk from a young lady in her early 20's. I should have described our interaction, how I felt and what I saw in detail:

    "I met Dineh at her office in Hollywood after dinner and she was the only person left at the office. She greeted me warmly at the door and showed me to her office. When I walked into her office she had a fish bowl full of cotton balls, nail polish remover and several bottles of polish on her desk……"

    I did not tell the story and that cost me.  Now I am no longer writing papers, instead I am writing copy for my vacation rental listing, my blog and even communication with potential guests. I am always looking for ways to improve the quality of my copy so…...

    I contacted, Cottage Guru, Heather Bayer immediately after hearing a fantastic review about her most recent book: Hypnotic Language for Vacation Rental Emails and Listings.  

    In Heather's previous professional life, the one prior to her becoming a vacation rental expert, she was a practicing phychologist specializing in psychotherapy, hypnosis and counseling.  Now that's impressive!

    I had the opportunity to read the book this past week and I am going to let you in on a few secrets:

    This book is a good communication refresher for the seasoned vacation rental owner and also a good educational tool for the first time vacation rental owner looking to create a strong first impression.  

    This book will transform your marketing bias and will allow you to connect with potential guests' and their dream vacation (not to be confused with your dream vacation). In this book Heather will help you explore the world of persuasion communication from the initial impression to booking magic.

    Are you ready to learn The Language of Listings, Rewrite the Bland and Boring and Make the Connection through Email? You are going to find the real life examples in this book to be empowering, I know I did.


    You want the best for your guests right? Well, thanks to Heather and Mike Bayer we are giving away a copy of the book. All you have to do is leave us a link to your listing along with a few sentences on your biggest challenges when it comes to copy. The winner will be announced in our December monthly newsletter.

    PS. A Huge Thank You to Heather and Mike Bayer.
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