• Welcome To The Distinguished Guest: A Vacation Rental Shop, We Want To Hear From You!

    Welcome to the inaugural blog post from The Distinguished Guest, we're here to help you add value and increase occupancy to your vacation rental home by providing you up to date ideas on how to best style, manage and market your rental. We will do our best to post on a regular basis and plan on having guest bloggers provide insight on all things vacation rental starting in November. We really want this to be an interactive forum so please take the opportunity to comment and add to the community.

    We are excited to have launched our new website, The Distinguished Guest.  You will find everything you need to appoint your vacation rental with hotel amenities and linens.  Give your guests a resort like experience!

    How did we get started? We wanted to source commercial hotel product, for our vacation rental, to give our guests an experience similar to that of a luxury resort.

    We are new to this business and want to hear from you!  Are you working in the vacation rental community?  Are you a home owner? If so let us know where you rental is and post your link below. Are you a property manager?  If so then let us know where, who you work for and post your link below.  Are you a vendor to the vacation rental industry?  if so post your link below and let us know how you can help. If you don't fit into the above categories and you want to tell us your story we would love to hear it!

    Thanks for helping us get to know you better!

    The Distinguished Guest


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