I'm Alanna Schroeder-Millar, Founder of The Distinguished Guest. When you get down to it, my life story to this point is of a girl having fun while creating beauty and value—one vacation rental at a time.

Before that, though, I spent 15 years as an Asset Manager at a real estate company, where I got great at budgeting, marketing, management, tenant relations, and above all, staying flexible and calm in the face of the day-to-day surprises that only a real estate career can deliver.

I liked my job, but wanted to spend more time with my kids. So my husband and I had to get creative. We decided to turn our second home in Lake Tahoe, California into a vacation rental so I could take a “break.” (This is probably a familiar story to all of you in the VR game!)

Thoroughly unable to take any project lightly, I threw my heart and soul into turning our lived-in family vacation home into a bonafide ski resort. I wanted it to be a place where guests felt at home but also completely indulged, too.

I knew that for a lot of people (especially parents and maybe most especially moms) “home” isn’t always a retreat; there are stresses there, too (dirty sheets, dirty dishes, not enough towels and not enough time in the day). I wanted to create a simple, beautiful place that would wow them like a world-class resort.

And I wanted to do it on a budget.

Thankfully, a lot of what resort hotels have that vacation rentals don’t are small things that add a lot to the guest experience: sumptuous linens tucked into an expertly made bed, plenty of matching fluffy towels, organic personal care products, and terrycloth bathrobes for after that long soak or hot shower.

Day-to-day, I like to live modestly, and I’m always searching for quality items at great prices. When I’d find great deals on linens and other amenities for my Lake Tahoe vacation rental, I wanted to share them with all the wonderful vacation rental owners I’d met in this new phase of my life.

That’s when I realized I could use my career background to create a business that makes life a little easier for vacation rental owners…and travel a little more beautiful for guests everywhere.

The Distinguished Guest was born! And its been a joy ever since.

Have a look around to check out some of the carefully curated vacation rental amenities I’ve discovered over the years!

Thanks for visiting.

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