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Picture this: a couple of unassuming guests book your rental for a quiet weekend. It’s business as usual—or so you think—until they check out and you discover the wreckage from a wild party.

It’s a nightmare scenario for most vacation rentalists, and it’s one that happened to NoiseAware co-founder David Krauss. One cease and desist letter, several angry neighbors, and a $30,000 loss from selling his condo later, he met electrical engineer Andrew Schulz and NoiseAware was born.

This dynamic duo set out to build “The Smoke Detector of Noise," much to the delight of the vacation rental community. The very first device was tried and tested on New Year’s Eve 2015. Since then, owners and managers from across the globe have chosen NoiseAware for precious peace and quiet—peace of mind and quiet at their rental.



NoiseAware in action

NoiseAware takes into account your guests’ volume over a specific period of time before issuing an alert. Typically, it takes three to five minutes for loud guests to be judged a Noise Risk, at which point, a text alert will be sent to your phone.

You’ll be pointed to your dashboard, where you’ll find live monitoring of volume levels at your rental. If the noise doesn’t die down after a few minutes, you can send a friendly reminder to your guests about your noise policy. Many vacation rentalists have found that this gentle nudge is often all that’s needed to get guests to mind their volume.



What is NoiseAware?

NoiseAware is a discreet gadget that plugs into virtually any outlet, is secured with a small mechanism that prevents tampering, and typically takes under 10 minutes to install. It’s 100% privacy compliant and never records sound, but it’s always a good idea to politely disclose its use to your guests—and it’s required that you do so if they’re booking through Airbnb.

NoiseAware offers an indoor sensor, a weatherproof outdoor noise monitor that can be paired with the indoor device, and a subscription-based monitoring service.

Alerts are sent to your personal dashboard, which can be accessed via your computer as well as a mobile app.



Who is NoiseAware for?

Bachelor and bachelorette party-prone property owners and managers, rejoice! NoiseAware is the perfect solution for preventing the all-night ragers that fuel your nightmares.

But it’s not just potential party spots that can benefit from NoiseAware. For those who own or manage condos or apartments that share walls, or homes in tight-knit communities, NoiseAware lets you rest assured that your guests aren’t bothering your neighbors. Plus, you’ll have the proof to backup your innocence if you ever fall victim to a false noise complaint.


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Note: Our blog posts contain affiliate/referral links. Click here to learn more.