Luxury Bedding Picks

Perfect for properties with a nightly rate of $500+, these luxury-styled products will keep discerning guests happy.  Before we share our favorite luxury hotel products, let’s first address the elephant in the room.
I evaluate vacation rental bedding with these four questions, no matter its price point:
  • How wrinkle-prone is it? (Who wants to iron sheets in 2019?)
  • How easy/quick is it to launder? (Streamlined turnovers FTW!)
  • Is the product consistent? (Easy replacements = no more unmatched linens)
  • Will guests like it?
That last question is a bit more difficult to answer, of course, as we can’t account for everyone’s personal taste. But my guests often comment on my comfy beds in their reviews (and, yes, I still do a little happy dance every time!).
Add to that the 3,000 happy owners, managers and hosts who supplied their vacation rentals with TDG, and I’m confident you’ll like these selections, too!
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Mattress Encasement

This “set it and forget it” item is the bedrock (get it?) of your vacation rental bed. Its job is to protect your mattress investment from bed bugs and allergens and offers an additional layer of waterproofing.

TDG Recommends: Protect a Bed AllerZip Smooth

Feather Bed/Memory Foam Topper

Before you replace an older mattress, first try giving it new life with a mattress topper. Here’s a little secret: while featherbeds are my #1 pick at home, they require a daily fluffing to really look their best. For vacation rentals and Airbnbs, I recommend a less-finicky memory foam topper, which contours to your guests and quickly retains its shape.

TDG Recommends: Pillow-Top Memory Foam Mattress Topper or Feather Mattress Topper

Mattress Protector 

The mattress protector is your bed’s most important layer. Unlike the mattress encasement—which stays on—the mattress protector is easy to remove and launder. Important: make sure its waterproof (like all of the below options), or don’t even bother!

TDG Recommends: Lilypad Mattress Pad

 Fitted and Flat Sheets + Pillowcases

Your choice of sheets is important (here’s why).
A couple tips before you buy. First, be sure to measure your bed—no more mis-sized fitted sheet popping away from the mattress! And second, we recommend white for its bleachability and crisp look. White sheets have long been the hotel standard, and that’s increasingly true for vacation rentals—according to the TDG Hospitality Survey,  74% of owners go with white.

TDG Recommends: Centium Satins Sheets

Duvet Inserts

The debate rages: feathers or poly fill duvet inserts? I tend to be on Team Feathers. These days you can even find hypoallergenic options. But many TDG clients opt for poly fill with no complaints. See my recommendations for both below:

TDG Recommends: Feather Duvet Insert

 Duvet Covers

I’ve been known to ask clients whose cleaners are resistant to duvet covers: “Do you need new bedding… or new cleaners?” That’s how important they are, in my experience. European readers can back me up on this! They’re by far the most hygenic option, because they get laundered each time.

TDG Recommends: Coming Soon


Like your sheets, pillows can make or break a night’s sleep. Tip: offer two each of both feather and polly pillows for every bed (four pillows total). That way guests can pick which they like best. Bonus tip: instruct your cleaners to inventory the beds at each turnover, as pillows have a tendency to migrate from bed to bed.

TDG Recommends: Chamberloft Pillow

Note: Our blog posts contain affiliate/referral links. Click here to learn more.