Creating the Hotel Bed

I am going to let you in on a little secret......want to know how to create a hotel bed at your vacation rental? Crisp white sheets layered, tucked and folded to perfection?  Here is my secret to the hotel bed experience.....

Step 1:  Build the Foundation
Place a feather bed on top of your mattress and cover it with a waterproof mattress pad, this creates a tight seamless foundation.


Step 2: Sheets
Place a white fitted sheet over the mattress and foundation and then add a white flat sheet.  Don't forget to tuck the white flat sheet on all sides, think hospital corners.


Step 3: Duvet and filling
Add a white duvet cover with a nice down blanket (either feathers or alternate down).


Step 4: Fold & Tuck to Perfection
Don't forget to fold the top twelve to eighteen inches of the duvet and flat sheet down. Tucking the duvet is optional depending on your style.


Step 5: Pillows
Make sure you layer your pillows as well.  One for protection and two to create a seamless look and feel.  Add pillow protectors then add a crispy white pillowcase.  Don't forget to tuck in the ends of the pillowcase to create that hotel look and feel.


Step 6: Final Touches
Now for the creative touch.  Add a bed scarf or throw blanket to the foot of the bed and some fun throw pillows that match your decor.