Lynova Towels

Lynova Towels and Luxury Hotel Linens

Spoil your vacation rental guests with budget-friendly luxury hotel linens, such as Lynova towels, for that 5-star resort experience. The ultimate in luxury, your guests will love these thick, fluffy 100% cotton towels, specially engineered to reduce both cleaning time and laundry expense. Why not pamper your guests with Standard Textiles Luxury Stripe towels, renowned for their quality and durability? This patented cotton simple blend increases the life as well as laundering speed of the towels, yet feels amazingly soft to the touch, and if you’re looking for towels that offer strength and luxury at an affordable cost, look no further. The EuroClassique and Luxury Stripe towel by Standard Textile offers practical luxury that will impress even the most discerning guest. These plush linens are made with a combination of cotton and polyester, but your guests will be none the wiser, and laundering will be a snap!

When our founder, Alanna Schroeder-Millar, decided that she wanted to make her own second home in Lake Tahoe into more of a getaway that could serve as a vacation rental, she was determined to give it all the luxuries of a hotel… on a budget! Ultimately, that’s how The Distinguished Guest was born. With linens and luxuries that will make any rental feel like a resort without breaking the bank, you can easily increase the appeal of your vacation home. For high quality yet affordable luxury hotel linens, including Lynova towels, The Distinguished Guest is your one-stop shopping site. We make it easy, convenient, fast, and affordable for you to find luxury linens and towels for your vacation rental. Your guests will be so grateful they’ll keep coming back!