The Best Toiletries for Vacation Rentals: Alanna’s Picks

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Back in 2012, I set out my very first toiletry kit for guests arriving at my Tahoe vacation rental.

At the time, small touches like that definitely weren’t common in short-term rentals. I was excited to offer them, but I wasn’t sure if my guests would notice or care.

At the time, my caretaker lived just a few houses away from my rental. The day after the guests checked in, he saw them out and about and stopped to say hello.

Guess what they immediately started raving about? Yep—my toiletry kits!

That’s when I realized that above-and-beyond amenities were overlooked in the vacation rental market, and could actually have a significant impact on guest satisfaction.

Thus, The Distinguished Guest was born!

Now, after thousands of toiletry kits sold to vacation rental folks, I’ve moved from stocking just basic toiletries to offering guests a full range of travel-sized goodies.

Thinking about going above and beyond for your guests?

Here’s where to start.



The basics first. 

Even in 2019, guests don’t expect to get individual-sized shampoos, conditioners and body washes at their vacation rental, so you have a real opportunity to wow them.

I’ve been recommending these Terra Pure Green Tea basics for years. The scents are fresh. The bottles are clean, simple and match most decor. And they’re organic, too!

Terra Pure Shampoo

Terra Pure Conditioner

Terra Pure Body Wash

Terra Pure Body Lotion

Terra Pure Boxed Body Bar

Terra Pure Boxed Cleansing Bar 

Terra Pure Kits


Fresh Aloe Cleansing Bar

Fresh Aloe Massage Bar

I also love these aloe bars. They’re great for beach destinations and other places where your guests might get a little too much sun (the aloe is soothing and moisturizing to sunburned skin).


Your guests are rushing out the door to catch a flight. They’re checking for boarding passes, passports, phone chargers, the kids’ favorite video games, and the stuffed animal that will cause a toddler meltdown if it gets left behind…

Toothpaste is often the last thing on their minds. So, if you want to really impress your hurried guests, stock the following travel-sized goodies in a drawer in each bathroom:

Each one of these items needs to be sealed for safety. I buy them in bulk and then at each turnover, my cleaner replaces what has been used. In my experience, 50% of guests won’t use the extras, but here’s the secret: they’ll appreciate the gesture either way!

I cannot tell you how many thankful messages I get about these small touches.



Makeup Towelette

I absolutely love these makeup towelette wipes. No more makeup-stained white towels!  They’re alcohol and paraben free, too, for gentle makeup removal—so both your cleaner and your guests will thank you.

Dental Care

Back to that forgotten toothpaste. Save your guests a trip to the store for dental care. Make sure toothbrushes are individually wrapped to ease guest’s minds.




Shower Cap

If you have long hair, you’ll know what a luxury shower caps can be. They let guests skip washing their hair every day and can save your shower drain from sprouting a hair clump the size of a small animal.

Nothing fancy needed here—I like the Terra Pure shower caps for their pretty packaging and decently water-tight elastic band.

Personal Care Kit

Not all personal care kits are created equally. so I am adding a few alternatives below. One must-have that I can’t do without, personally? A nail file.

Bath Salts

Have a soaking tub at your rental? Add a little extra indulgence with an individually sized bottle of scented bath salts. I can guarantee very few guests are thinking about bringing bath salts on their trip!

Like their shampoos, conditioners, and soaps, Terra Pure’s bath salts are simply packaged and use organic ingredients.



Hair Dryer & Hair Dryer Bag

When it comes to ROI at your vacation rental, nothing proves its worth like a hairdryer. Who wants to waste valuable suitcase real estate on a bulky hair appliance?! 

In my opinion, hotels often fall short in the hairdryer department. Those wimpy small things that attach to the wall? NO!  I want a medium-sized, powerful dryer that will get me out the door quickly. 

Dress up that thing in a cute little dryer bag and hang it on a hook, or place it in a drawer in the bathroom, and your guests will thank you.

Hair Dryer Bag 

Hair Dryer 



For the Little Ones

Don’t forget your littlest guests! Make bathtime fun with an adorable rubber duck. Even adults get a kick out of finding these little guys by the bathtub.

Rubber Duck 

We hope this list of both essentials and extras helps you take good care of your guests. They’ll quickly become a pain-free addition to your hospitality routine—and with big benefits. One 5-star review from a happy guest and they’ve paid for themselves.

Have any additions to our list? Drop a comment below and let us know what’s working for you.

Note: Our blog posts contain affiliate/referral links. Click here to learn more.